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What's the rim offset for a sol ?

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What is the offset for rims for a del sol Si (no ABS, all stock)?

I'm looking into rims and I have NO idea what the offset is for this car. What is the range that will fit.
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ok, i'm an idiot, but i'd be a bigger idiot spending $500+ on rims that don't fit....

that being said........

Does this mean that any rim with +25 offset or greater will fit? I'm looking at 14" or 15" rims b/c I don't feel like shelling the $$$ that the tires on a 17" go for. Plus the potholes on Peachtree in Atlanta are like meteor strikes.... no bent rims for me.

This month's SS has a feature on rims and i'm curious as to what will fit and how much I can expect to spend. The bolt patterns are 4x100 aren't they?
I got lucky I guess, mine fit perfect with no need to do anything. They are dead on...
Del Sol

Yes the bolt pattern for the Del Sol is 4 x 100.
Just so you know the Offset is the distance from the center of the wheel, to the outside of the wheel. Thus what it's really doing, is setting how far in, or out your tire is from the car.
A +25 offest should fit just fine.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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