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I'm planning to replace the stock wheels/tires on my LX (16x7 +45) with something slightly bigger and nicer looking. But I want to ensure that I do it correctly, without throwing off suspension geometry, worsening steering, or increasing wear on bearings.

I'm looking at the 17x7.5 Enkei ICON, which will be +1" in diameter and +0.5" in width. It is available with a +38 offset and +45 offset. If there wasn't a difference in width, I would get the +45 right away. But with the 7.5" width, I'm unsure whether +45 is still the best offset.

I'm not concerned with wheels being more flush with the fender or anything like that. I want them to fit and function properly first and foremost.

What would you pick in my situation? Or am I wrong, and neither offset is a good option?
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