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wheel problem? also.. lowering qstn ...

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i installed my 17" tenzo shu-4s the other day.. and i notice when i brake gently at slow or normal speeds .. i hear a faint weird noise ... it sorta sounds like rubbing and a slight creaking noise .. it isn`t my wheels rubbing or anything because it does it if i brake going straight ... and also i havn`t installed any aftermarket springs or shocks yet. anyone know what this might be or have had a similar problem?

also.. i am about to install some neuspeed sport springs .. and i wanted to know if anyone knows some good sites w/ installation help on this topic ...

if you are not sure.. i`m probably going to have my dealer take a look at it .. see if he can spot anything.
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Could it be tire noise? Put your stockers back on and see if it still happens.
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