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i know that 18s are most likley more heavy than smaller wheels
but i have decided that my car is by no means a race car
so im think im gonna with large wheels

now my concern is not "will they fit"
but "will they bend"
due to that lack of rubber

im speaking about oz supperlegearas 18s 45 offset

whos bent there 18s

who hates 18 because of problem

who thinks im dumb and should put smaller on my car


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You will bend them when you run low profile tires to compensate and fit in your wheelwells and slam over or into any bump or dip or pot-hole.

Less rubber between the road and it's inconsistancies and your prized Dubbs means less protection and contributes to the wheel bending when hit.

Not to mention the taller final drive and slower off the line acceleration that you I'm sure won't be satisfied with.

Looks are nice and show cars are fun but, Not always fun as a daily driver, Just as driving a Pure Spec Racer daily would become a pain in the a55 after awhile.

I think everyone knows what I'd say,

but, the choice is yours...

Good luck,

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