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When will bodykits for 2003 accord coupe be available?

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I am purchasing a new 2003 Accord V6 6speed coupe...wondering if I ll see kits and parts soon...
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dude... youll be one of few that have that car so soon... i wouldnt worry about kits till 03+ accords become more of a daily seen thing. if anything just go rimz and maybe exhaust/mufflers.
yeah get some 18's or some 19's if you got that kind of money and lower it, damn that thing will look phat as shit.
Haha damn man 2003?? I remember just hearing about those things a couple months ago, now people are ready to purchase them??

As for body kits I really doubt that you'll see any kind of kit untill 6 or so months AFTER its out in the streets. My SE-R has like 4 kits for it and its been out for over a year and half now. But I bet the kits will look nice when some are made.

who knows? some shops get ahold of cars before they even come out. dc sports and aem get cars like that but they are in good terms with h.o.a. I would say in maybe 3 or 4 months. shit when the impreza came out you could buy a kit a month or so after it was released.
You could just get the OEM kit if you don't feel like waiting. IMO it doesn't look too bad. Everyone has their own preference though. Good luck with it! :)
2003 Accord V6 6spd will be available in Feb, 2003. :)
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