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When your computer crashes

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First thing you should check

click here
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my gosh i've never seen one that bad :eek:
holy shit thas fuckin discusting!!!
theres like an inch of shit in there...:eek:
Looks like my computer. I never learned how to open up the case until 2 yrs i got my computer and when i did i found the same thing.
kailam19 said:
how do you clean something like that?
Pray for Mr. Clean to come outta the commercial and help your ass out is your best bet.
oh my goddddd....

where was he putting his computer??? brown dust? I only get grey dust in mine..... hehe.... may be he lives in the garden..:D
hehe my old compaq looked similiar to that, not as bad though.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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