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When's the best time to buy a 2003 Accord (in terms of price)?

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I'm not too familiar with purchasing new-model cars and hearing what people are telling me only makes me all the more confused.

I'm considering purchasing a 2003 Accord when it come out, but I'm wondering about if prices are cheaper right after release, or if they get cheaper later after an extended period of time.

I would think it would be pricier at the beginning, because of high demand, but then again, my friend purchased a 2000 Celica just nine days after the new-model release, and said that Toyota raised those prices soon after.

Therefore, I am confused at this time and I'm wondering about when the best time for prices would be, so that I can get my hands around a 2003 Accord at the best deal (other than year-end clearances).
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Enjoy that WS victory, cause the D-backs aint repeatin' :D

Opinion: I will say that there may be some leverage with any brand new model, mainly because the manufacturer/dealer won't really initially know how well the new model will be accepted by the buying community. (Your friend's Celica purchase is a good example.)

Bottomline: It all depends on the dealer.

It is always good to buy all the car in fall or winter.(well usually)

Because that time new models come out.

This fall the 03 models will be coming out for the next yr

So the dealers will need to get rid of all the older models for the

newer ones.

But i don't think you can't get much discount for the new accord models, because it is totally redesigned and dealers won't give good deal.

But if you can probably buy 6thgen..with really good price around fall or just before when Honda is coming out with new models.

Anybody has spec of 7thgen cord or pic? Are they coming out with coupe?
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I heard they're gonna look like the japanese models. If you are interested check out I think you'll have to download a program to make it read in english, if not just play around with it and you'll find the accords.
I'm not too sure about that; the USDM 6th gen already resembles the current JDM Accord:

JDM Accord 2.0


USDM 6G Accord

The cars are basically the same on the exterior, with the exception of some trim differences.

Honda's pretty much keeping the appearance of the 7th gen a closely guarded secret.

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Dam JDM always looks better look at the door handles and the trunk lid with that little lip, back lights with sharper corners look nicer, and the slight blueglass. looks hella nice.

i wish i lived in jappan
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