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where can i buy a urethane/genuine buddy club kit???

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i want the actual kit, but ill take a urethane kit, i really just want good fitment and quality + fiberglass sucks!!

pass that blunt!
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Unless your car is a 96-98 then your out of luck. But fiberglass is good if its by a good company. If your willing to pay for quality get Bomex. That shiet fits like a condom and is as hard as an 80yr old man on viagra. Many JDM brands make the fiberglass really hard. I have a BC kit on my car and its from vis which the quality is okay. But I know of a shop that will totally make my BC kit fit perfectly and they will add more fiberglass to strengthen my kit. I don't know what they do but when my front goes belly up I'm getting it redone or just getting the Bomex replica front and strengthen that.
Psyk0tic said:
That shiet fits like a condom and is as hard as an 80yr old man on viagra.
couldnt you just say its a realy nice body kit? by the way, bomex is my favorite... MAN!! YOU GOT THE IMAGE PAINTED IN MY MIND!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!!!! :eek: :eek: :cry: :mad: :eek:
fiberglass isn't great in the first place and adding more to strengthen it will make it flex less and more apt to cracking if you hit anything thats why urethane is so popular since it will give if you bottom out. I personally like the buddy club kit for the eg hatch but they don't make that shit anymore so I gotta find a good rep. gambinno your correct it sucks donkey cock
I got a urethane buddy club rear bumper and side skirts for a two door. 96-2000 year. If you give me your email, I can send you pictures. I'm in SC.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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