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where do i fill up the bottle?

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i just finished installing my ZEX nitrous kit -myself =)-...but i have no idea where do i fill the bottle up with nitrous. does anybody know where to get it filled? (especially the people from so. california) thanx!
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call around to your local speed shops
So cal speed shop in pomona is where i fill mine...I dopnt have the number on me..but ill try to find it..they get about 30 bucks to fill a 10 lb bottle
should have checked my wallet...had a card in there... (909)469-6171 or you can email them at [email protected]
they are a certified nitrous dealer so they have every damn thing you need
cool! thanx guys... now i just got to look for the cheapest price.
Theres a place in ontario called BONOCO or something like that..>DOnt go there, they fill your bottle half way with nitrous and halfway with compressed air.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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