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where do u buy this?

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where can i find the orange corners for the eg the ones that r dark orange like the 1nes in this link buy the way this is the best hatch ive seen
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if they are the ones that i think u are talikng about u can get em at the ones they have are made by vision and i think they are like 160 bucks or so.
Ya they are vision corners and you could find them at just about any jdm parts company.
Hyjnx said:
they are JDM corners...NO LINKY!!
What u talkin bout?
i really dont know, im just guessing from the other posts, that he is talkin about the JDM corners...and the NO LINKY!! is cuz they changed the link out...with all the ********
The corners that are fully orange are usually JDM. You can get some cheaper that are not official JDM corners. Ebay always has some from various vendors, you might want to look there. Then again if you do want the JDM they will cost you. Ebay also has the vision corners and if you get in on a good bid you can get them for dirt cheap.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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