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Where i cand Find CTR pistons???

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i wanna buy CTR pistons to raise my B16a compression.... where i cand find them cheap!!

i know JDMhondaparts.. $330 with rings

and inline is like the same!!

does this will bumb up my Hp????:sonic:
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Here you go try this website

let me look some more to see if i can find a cheaper price.
Oh yeah i have ordered from them b4 great serv and fast delv
here is a few more these are all i know of that are cheaper than the ones u mention berfore. hope that helps

this one says call so i dont know the price. :( Pistons&category=JDM Parts

this one also has no prices :(

well thats all of the ones i know hope that helps u out and good luck :D
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find some CTR cams and ecu also and you will notice a MAJOR change in performance
how much HP will these Pistons make!! in my B16a??;)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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