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Where is this

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Where is the Atmosphric Pressure Sensor located?
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you dont have one unless you have an automatic....are you throwing code 13?
ok, well i did an auto to manual, and a zc swap well when iput in the zc ecu i got a code 13, but when i use the crx si, or integra, ecu i dont get any code,
is it an auto ecu? if so then thats why....
i dont really kno for sure its in jap,
you have an automatic ECU........get a new ECU...........code 13 is a code that only automatic throws...........
Well i pulled the ROM and plugged it into a CRX Si ECU, since both of them had the socket, and it runs fine, no codes, and the fuel cut is at 7500rpms,so I am guessing everthing is fine now as if i had a manual ecu.

I thought manual ecu's had a diffrent PCB layout, then the auto's well both of the ecu's are excatly the same, well maybe, its becasue i did an auto to manual, and the zc didnt like that.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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