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Where to mount tweets?

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Well thats basically it, where should I mount my tweeters in my car? I have one MTX 5000 in a bandpass box.
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I mounted mine in the door panel. you unfortunatly have to cut, but it looks better than stock. just don't put those 2.5 or 3 inch tweeter there. they look like a$$. I've got pioneer 1 inch tweeters and they are tight.
Yeah mine are in my door panel. They are in front of the door handle, about 1 to 1.5" from the handle. Mine sound really good, but that could partially be because they are aimable. You should probably get some tape, and move them around on the door until they sould good to you. then drill the hole in the panel.


if you've got electric mirrors, you can put them where the "move-the-mirror"-handles are on a car without electric mirrors...

does this make sense???
english still remains a 2nd language to me ;)

I'll be re-photographing my car tonight in the dark and tomorrow in the daylight, so I'll try to remember.... to make you some pics of what the hell I mean :D
door panel.....thats where mine are
I was thinking of mounting them right about the door handle?
Anyone have any pics of them on the door panel?? Thanks.
in the door panell is cool but you perminitly scar your car. If i were you i would either mount them in the two outer vents or both in the center vent,1) this keeps them hidden,2) it points the sound where you want it twards you,3) if you mount them both in the center vent it will give the efect of a center channel and move some of the right chanell closer to you. to mount them in the vents you will have to make some type of bracket, i used radio backstrap and hotglued the hell out of it to the tweater then hung it ftom the top and it was even able to turn it to point at where you want the sound. just use good hot glue cheap stuff would probly get soft when you run the heat
Just dont mount them above dash level or they will sound like crap. (like at the top of the A or B pillars) If you mount them at dash level it will give you more of a direct sound. Also it wont confuse your brain into thinking that the sounds are coming from above you.

A friend of mine installed his at the top of his A pillar and all you can hear is tweet coming from the top of your head. My tweets are mounted in the door (stock 95 ex ones) and they sound much better. Plus when I worked at a stereo installation place, we always put the tweets in the door or on the mirror plate like b16a1 said.
Mount them on the door panel. 1 to 1.5" in front of the door panel is the place to munt them. Make sure there is nothing there that would obstruct the mount BEFORE you cut a hole, and use a hole saw. This location works fine for most applications unless you are building a sound quality type car for IASCA. They look fine there and sound very nice. I have pics of mine, but I have no way to attach the image file. BY the way, if the tweeters are aimable, play with diffrent angles before you secure them down. In my Integra, the tweeters are aimed away from me and towards the windshield. They sound awesome that way (it just works out for this application) and the sound stage (the percieved location of all of the instruments) seems like it is on my hood. You just have to experiment and see what sounds the best.....:cool:
Sweet, thanx guys. Now where should I place my sub? Towards the back? Or towards the front?
Fire your sub up towards the glass of the hatch. That's where you'll get the best sound. If you want just sound quality, and not too loud, then you could face it forward. But, more than likely you'll want to face it up.
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