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Where to order some NGK nitrous plugs?

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I jus fried my zex plugs afeter running my nitrous system 5 times. Those were no help. But I heard that NGK one step colders would be better for my lude. I was wondering if anyone kew were online I can order some that are not too expensive. Zex's are too much and fried really quick. If anyone could help me that would be great!
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the NGK BKR7E's should work fine, that's what i'm using currently with my direct port kit. i get mine from Summit Racing since they are close and normally have good prices. if i remember correctly the part for Summit is #1283. i've never used the Zex plugs and don't plan on it. the NGK coppers are fine in one or two steps colder with N2O.

i'm sure you may find the 7E's at a local part store if you look around.

i'm curious, how did you fry your plugs after you injected only 5 times?? is it untuned or are the Zex plugs really really bad??

sweet...Thanks for the help! I'll be sure to try those out. As far aas the ZEX I'm not sure what happened. I was doing a couple of runs here near my home and it seemed fine. But then the next night I tried hem somoething seemed wrong. So I took a look at everything..wiring, selinoin and then the plugs. Thats were the problem was. I took a look at them and the were dead black. People say there suppose to be a brownish color like the stocks. But they weren't...jus dead black crisp. So I had to put my stocks back in. And until i get my nitrous plugs I won't be able to use the bottle til then. But I'll take you suggestion and see what happens.
black as in oil residue or as in buildup from running really rich??

maybe the plugs aren't that bad, maybe the system wasn't operating correctly during injection.

either way the NGK's are better for you.

Cool I'll take your word for it! the product # is NGK-6097for the NGK BKR7E's if anyone else is interested the $1.99 each...way cheaper then ZEX
are they good for v6 accords or just 4 bangers??? If its coo w/ v6s, i'll order em soon? anybody? payce
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