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I have a head unit, im bout to add a 5.8 inch widescreen monitor. Any suggestions as to where i should mount it ??? Im not to sure where to go with it ? do i cut the dash? use my glovebox...where should i mount ??? 99 Integra Coupe, advice much welcomed
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i seen a guy put it so it folds down over the rear view mirror thats a cool position
I like it when it takes up the whole dash, and the headuit is mounted somewhere else, out of sight. But if the monitor is in the dash like in the CL or TL that would look pretty sweet.
Depending on the overall size of the monitor and your skill/experience level and/or the funds available you could:

-Mount the screen where the radio is and relocate the deck in another location as stated in a previous post.

-Mount the screen in one of the overhead visors.

-Mount it in the glovebox, so when the glovebox is open the screen is in perfect view of the passenger, and when the glovebox is closed it's completely sealed.

-Replace your rear view monitor with the monitor
ya it looks hella cool when you relocate your head unit and pop the lcd in there.
in between the seats?

under the deck?

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