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where to start

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I'm fin ta do a swap and Im torn on what to first. I plan on going with a b20zblock b16a head combo. only problem is that this is an expensive build and Im not that patient. the way I figure I have two choices. a full b16a swap and then start saving to build a block for it. once I have my bottom end build Ill pull the engine and get the head modified to fit the b20 and drop it in. the other choice is to find a b16 tranny axles linkage int. manifold etc, a b20 long block and a b16 ecu. then I can save the money for the rest of the bottom end components, and have the head all ready to go for when I rebuild it. My question is, which setup would "tide me over" best and would an sir ecu run a crv head well?
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I don't know much about mixing parts, although I want to do a longblock swap also, just to poor! Is get what you want in the first place so that you wont be disappointed. Yeah, trying to save for a B20 might take longer, and so you ride will be down for a little longer but I think it would be worth it. Besides, if you put an engine together just to take up time until you can afford the B20 block, it just seems like a big duplication of effort to me. But then again I 'm just to poor to do anything right now so I only have one shot at a swap anyways.

yeah, Im still not sure what Im gonna do. I just got in a wreck, so the swap will have to be put off until after i can fix the bastard. oh well, maybe this summer.
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