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where's the tech section?

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where are all the topics that Tuan wrote? This board need Tuan back!!
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Tuan??? I know he is here, but if he had them, he would had posted them already (my opinion). I think it went out with the board when it went out. And no one is a mod yet so too bad. There is only one person I know of that actually downloaded all of the TECH stuff! And he barely visits here anymore because he found somewhere else to go as a more reliable board.
XLR8 GS-R said:
... with a riceboy ratio of 1 to every 200 members. lol
Well if you asked me, all these newbie questions here are pretty ricey questions too. Can I beat this? How fast can I do the 1320?

To tell you the truth, SHO is starting to look like a rice page too if we don't get any moderators.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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