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sleeper99ex said:
ok my mech told me it is a sir 2 but i read on another site that the sir 2 is a 96+ motor which would be obd2 now my engine block is stamped as such


any info wolud be appriciated i dont want to be a poser if my engine is just a 160 hp sir i dont want to tell pepole it is the 170 hp sir2 anymore thanks
First gen b16a id 88-91 non-obd (sir)
158hp 111lbs of tq and 10.2:1 compression, cable driven tranny
second gen b16a (sir2) is 92-
168hp and 113lbs of tq 10.4:1 compression.used in 92-00 civic's obd1 and 2. both hydrolic trannys....

then there is usdm b16a3 160hp 111 lbs of tq and 10.2:1 compression. found in obd1 del sol vtec.
and also a b16a2 which comes in the 99-00 civic si, same exact engine as the b16a3 except the a2 is obd2.....usdm only.

usdm and jdm b16a sir2,a2, and a3 are all the same except for compression.The sir is a little different (all interchangeable) and the auto b16a (comes equiped with an auto tranny) has different cams.
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