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which boost controller?

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Heres the deal: I used to have the blitz sbc-id(very complicated to understand), and I recently got my car stolen and they took my screen to the boost controller(idiots, just the screen,cus it looked cool), anyway my options are to either buy a whole new sbc-id or get a different boost controller. What would you guys do?

Also, I have the power meter ID that can work in conjunction with the sbc-id. It allows you to control boost according to speed, which is good foor controlling wheelspin i think.

Anyone have any experience with these, I like the simplicity of the profec b, but i like some of the features of the blitz sbc-id.

Or any others you might prefer?

Thanks guys!
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or, what boost controller do you have and do you like it?

have you thought of being simple and gettin a manual boost controller?
The manual boost controllers i dont like because you have to get out of the car to change the boost dont you? I want to have control from inside of the car.
you can get a manual boost controller set to 2 different levels of boost... turboxs sells the dual stage...
i'm getting a greddy profec b installed now, and pickin the car up tonight. i'll let you know how it is. btw is that all they took off your car?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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