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Which Hatchback To Get?

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I was just wondering what are the differences between the cx,vx,and dx hatchbacks (92-95) on the interior. I already know the brake and drivetrain differences, and possibly the interior ones but I want to be sure. I know the dx hatchback has tilt, but do the cx and vx? I know the vx has at ach and the dx &cx don't. What other differences are there?
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Well if you're putting in a Vtec engine, the vx would be alot easier since the vtec is already wired up. The cx or vx does not have side moldings. Thats all i can think of for now.
i know the cx doesnt have a tilt wheel, cause my friend has one, aside from that i think the interiors are fairly identical
Well, I want tilt, even though it's not really that big of deal, but does the vx have tilt? Also does the vx have a rear cargo cover?? Just little things that I know the dx has. I just want to know if the vx has those also.
All the models should have a cargo cover. My friend had a vx white hatch before, there was tint on it but it was turning purple so he removed it.
more info?

i'm thinking of selling my teg and dropping a B18, ZC, or B16a into a 92-95 hatch (planning a low 13s car). which model would be best to do. (easiest swap, best features, suspension, etc..) is there a web site where i can find original stats on these cars? thanks guys!

If you don't care about anything inside the interior, and plan on upgrading the brakes I would say the cx because it's the cheapest.. The vx would be cheaper for the swap cuz it already has vtec. The dx has tilt steering ,a cargo cover, sometimes a/c and slightly larger rear drum brakes than the other two. The vx is the lightest and probably the best overall choice. the only differences on the exterior are front lip,no side moldings, and different wheels.
umm I thought the CX was the lightest of the hatches?
thats what i used to think too but the vx is.
dx- 2178 lbs

I think the only difference in weight between the cx and vx are the vx's lightweight alloys. So if they had the same wheels the cx and vx would be the same.
i would go with a 88-91 the initial install is a little more difficult but maintanance, mods, etc is soo much easier when you dont have to deal with all the obd shit, etc
I don't like that bodystyle.
Get the vx if you are doing an engine swap.
What about an SI?
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