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Which hood pins is recommended for CF hood

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I am thinking of getting hood pins for my CF hood. Is there a brand/size you guys recommend? Is there any precautions I need to take install them?

Thanks guys.

Oh, I got a 00 gsr if that matters.
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Check out

They have hood locks and even have a picture. They use a type of key to open them. That way you can lock your hook instead of just pinning it down for someone to open.
:confused: Does anyone know of a brand of CF hood that does NOT require the use of hood pins?
I think Fiber Images hoods don't need hood pins, but not sure. It looks that way in the pictures I've seen.
if it has the hook latch thingy ( sorry i dont know the name of it) then it wont need hood pins. My VIS cf hood doesn't need hood pins but its always good cause cf hoods are known to fly up in your windshield at highspeeds. but if your worried about someone stealing you cf hood or gettting into your engine bay then hood locks would be smart to.
hoodpins are a good idea...nothing like a light CF hood flipping open at 100 mph:
Sparco....or if you're cheap Mr Gasket.
I'd go with hoodlocks just for a little extra insurance. Hoodpins are okay too though. Fiber Images does not require hood pins. Most good CF hoods don't.
I can see if my motor is doing well at high speeds. :rolleyes:
Are there different kind os CF hoods? I don't mean brand and style, I mean weight wise? Are there some that are like feathery where others are more heavier? I would assume that the lighter ones would need a hood pin more than the regular ones with the hood latch right?
The light ones, are the cheap ones. the heavy ones are the pricey ones - fiber image.
In terms of saving weight, wouldn't it be best to get the light ones?
i know some people with cf hoods without hood pins and when they're going 95+ you can see the hood flapping a little from the wind (it flaps towards the front, on the sides)
Yeah mine does that, I can see into my motor heh heh.
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