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Which One?

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Well Im pretty set on getting a supercharger now, but I need yalls opinon. Of course its about rather to get a JRSC or a Vortech SC. I heard and read many negative and postive things about both. Like the Vortech gives you more HP then the JRSC but doesnt give you any torque. Which pretty much suks. Then the JRSC gives you very little HP and it isnt really worth the money you baught it. So im pretty stuck. Wathca think.
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Turbo :confused:
go here . we are talkin about how bad the vortech is and the difference between the JRSC, vortech SC and a turbo.

also you may notice that everyone here has a JRSC and no one (at least that i've seen) has a vortech. thats not a coincidence its just that the JRSC out performs the vortech on the streets where it counts and not on the dyno.
hey, sofresh_soclean,
what front end is that on your teg?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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