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which rims are on the 96 gsr?

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the newer directional ones or the older, more-plain ones?
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they have i think 6 spokes, they look really ugly to me.
'96's had 6 spoke painted rims with a plastic lug nut cover with Acura stamped on it.
the 96 teg gsr's with the alloy rims had that plain flat pattern that look like the 99-00 civic si rims
sorry, just having a hard time picturing it, you all mean the same rims that are on the 94-95 gsr's right?
aesthetect said:
sorry, just having a hard time picturing it, you all mean the same rims that are on the 94-95 gsr's right?
No they are not the same as the 94-95 GSR wheels. They are a silver 6 spoke wheel, which in my opinion are the ugliest GSR wheels they ever came out with, except for the optional ones for the 94-95 (not the popular 5-spoke, but the butt-ugly ones they offered as an option for extra $$$). However, I did see one set of 96-97 GSR wheels powdercoated black on a teal green 95 hatch and they looked pretty good.
oooh alright, i knew there was something fishy about the rims that year but i know which ones youre talking about....those dont look that bad if you take off the center cap, but still about the ugliest alloys honda made

I have a 1996 GSR, the only year these rims were put on as stock GSR wheels were 1996, 1995 has the wide 5 spoke, and the 1997-2001 either has the twisted 7 spoke(some in full polish), or the mesh tuners(prevelant on the SE's mainly). They are a flat painted 6 spoke(if you want to call them spokes), which look as if they have a tear in the metal, making an indention in the edge of the spoke. They have a rather large center cap, that has the word "Acura" on it. The spokes slightly curve in toward the edge, and they have no lip. They are indeed the ugliest Honda wheel ever, and I am sure that is why they were only available for 1 year. I had mine on for about the 2 hours it took me to drive the car home, and I fortunately had some leftover 17's from my civic. I then sold them on E-bay for $320, which I thought was a lot to get for them, I personally wouldn't pay more than a set of steelies for them....Just my .02
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