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Which Rims?

  • Konig Tantrum

    Votes: 19 52.8%
  • Enkei RS05

    Votes: 17 47.2%

Which Rims?

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Okay guys......let's take a poll. Which rims do you guys like for my car. I am dropped and my car is milano red if that sways your opinion at all.

Konig Tantrum:

Enkei RS05 (sorry pic is so small)
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enkei,:) tantrum would also look nice , but alot of people have it so....... :)
Everyone try to remeber to vote at the top of this page instead of just telling me which ones......makes it a lot easier to tally votes ;)
Konig! I have Konig Rated-R myself and I think gun-metal will look very good on a Red Si!
I like the Konig. Which of the two is lighter?
if you want a nice lookin leight weight wheel...check out the OZ superlegara. a 17' rim weighs only 15 lbs. and they look beautiful.
Konig...They look so sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!
Tantrum 2.....not a crappy one piece!
They're both nice but that Tantrum style is SO played out.
Enkei RS05

I prefer the enkei for sure the tantrums are cool but everybody and their dog has em
ebsituner said:
if you want a nice lookin leight weight wheel...check out the OZ superlegara. a 17' rim weighs only 15 lbs. and they look beautiful.
they also have an offset of 38 ... which means boooo boooo.
Get the Tantrum 2's

First of all, are you sure that Konig makes a 2-piece wheel(Tantrum 2). For the price, I highly doubt it.

Tantrum 2.....not a crappy one piece!
I highly doubt my TE-37's are crappy one pieces.

What are you riding on? Thank you,

new tantrum 2 I believe they are a 3 piece.

Konig Wheels

Ya 2002 3-PC.TECHWERKS MODULAR is what they are under.
Okay.....I just saw another rim that I really like and am trying to narrow it down between the first two and now these. Also, if anyone has any idea as to how much these Velox wheels are, please let me know. I know you can't vote for these new wheels, so just reply and tell me what you think of these:

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One of the advantages of buying a SI is that it comes with SI rims.....Keep the SI RIMS, they're hot...are you going to sell the SI's becase I know your not changing your mind?
Attn: B4U

Thanx for clearing the whole 2-3 piece rim thing up for me.
No problem.

I think that's what he meant anyway.

Personally I love the look of the new Tantrum 2's
RunninSOHC, no, I'm not selling my Si rims. I'm gonna keep them. I love them to but I want 17" rims and am just ready for a different look. I know 17" rims are heavier and all, but I don't street race. And if I do race, it is gonna be at a track. When I go, I'll just throw the 15"s back on. I'm also thinking of putting Nitto 555R drag radials on two of the Si rims for when I do head out to the track (which hopefully won't be too much longer, if I can get all this damn homework out of the way and if my job will allow it)

HOMEWORK...I have a 1600 word essay due tomorrow and haven't even started yet......I'm shooting for FRIDAY and I'm gonna have to make up a good excuse for skipping class tomorrow.....After tomorrow, my absenses begin to affect my grade
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