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Which short shifter fits????

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I have a 94 civic dx with a jdm b16 with gsr tranny if that makes a differnce. I was wondering which short shifter fits in my car? Someone help me out. Thanks. Also which is the best. I was looking at the skunk 2s.
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you need the shift for your model car.
So do i get a 94 civic short shifter? I thought my friend had a gsr short shifter in his 92 hatch. He had a b18?
I have a question also, while we're on the subject..
What companies Make TRUE short shifters??
i have a GSR tranny as well, but you need to buy the shifter that matchs you shift linkage NOT THE CAR
also when you buy your bushing get them for the Si/GSR the normal civic ones will not work with the linkage, who makes a TRUE short shifter? hmmm DC, Neuspeed, Skunk2, C'z, Tenzo, B&M, Hurst, etc.... top 3 on my list of ones to look into are Skunk2(i have this on my car) but B&M and C'z are by far the best made, they both have bearings arealy mounted on the shifter, and they will out last the stock bearing that you must reuse on most other shifters
I have the gsr tranny but dont know which shiflinkage i have? Does anyone know which ones fit on the gsr tranny? Isn't all of the b series shiftlinkage the same? How can i tell which shiftlinkage i have? thanks
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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