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Which Spings and How low?

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I wana drop my car but all im kinda tight on cash, i have about $150 to drop on springs...yeah i know i cant get any super good springs but i just wana drop it...Please suggest what brand of springs i should get and which to stay away from.....oh and also what is a good drop hight? 1.5'? 1.75'? something else? I have '96 Accord EX if that makes a diffrence.
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You might want to look into Sprint springs. They are pretty good springs and are around your price range. The two brands you might want to stay away from are Arospeed and APC. I have never delt with these APC or Arospeed but I hear they make some bad products.


Actually there is a group buy on some Neuspeed springs and they are only 137.00$ shipped on either race or sport springs.
Just what I was gonna say, go with the Neuspeeds from I have the Neuspeed sports on my car and love it, you won't find them for that cheap anywhere else either
I have neuspeeds, and it's not that agressive of drop, but it does stiffen things up and the ride is still really good. Pair that with some tokico's and you're set. but since you're strapped right now, I'd just got for a nice sport kit and be happy :)
I got a set of Neuspeed Sport Springs for $129. Then again I also got the front and rear camber kits too, for that 1.8/1.7" drop.
Hey Guys thanx for all the info!
what about eibach sportlines? or pro-kit

arent they supposed to be the best ones out?
pro kit and sportlines are good but they gonna be close to 200
If your looking for a tight tucked look go for ground control coil-overs, otherwise neuspeed sport springs are probably the best value if you dont mind a slight gap.:cool:
I'm looking for new springs right now also, roughly in the same price range, except I'm running a V6 which makes finding springs a little harder. All the springs made for V6's are $200-$220 :mad: (although, I did see Suspension Techniques has 1.5" drops for $!60 at not low enough)

Digital racer has Sprint springs for 5th gen accords for $150 that drop 2.5" in front and 2.25" in rear, and they've also got springs that drop 1.5" in front and 1.25 in rear for $170.
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