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which way should i go??

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i have a 98 accord 2dr that i got a couple of months ago. Its completely stock right now and im sort of a beginner at this. I wanted to know if it is worth it to strap my stock engine with parts or save my bucks and get the H22 swap done. And if so will the parts that i may already have for my accord engine still fit or will i have to get all new parts? any opinions??

thanks in advance!
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the only aftermarket thing that will swap between the two is the clutch and flywheel. Personally i would build up what you have with the basics, intake exhaust header pulleys. if you are still bored after that, save your pennies and do a swap.
the reason i ask is that i was impatient with my purchase. i got my accord about three months ago. I got some help financially and got the car ( after driving a neon for 4 years iw was like night and day, and i wanted a honda soooo bad ) anyways i bought it as an automatic. the engine that i found online was including a manual tranny, soooo.... would it be worth it to have 5 spd? and an extra 40 hp or so.
it takes even more work to switch the auto to a manual, you will need to hange the clutch pedal and redo the center consol somehow. you will also need a new brake pedal(a narrow one)
soo generally i should just stick with adding on performance parts to get the most out of my honda? anything that you would recommend for me?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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