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which wing?? (not for people that don't like wings)

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I'm thinking about getting this wing for my civic when I get one. I don't want a aluminum one b/c I want a fiberglass one. I thought this one would look better b/c it is curvey and kinda goes with the body line. Plus I"m planning on showing this car a lot. Also it isn't three feet tall like a terminator, atleast I don't think.
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I was going for the buddy club rear and possibly the side skirts, but not sure sure which front would look good with it. I don't like the buddy club fron b/c to me it looks like it is smiling and fro some reaon I don't like that. Also it will go on a 92-95 civic 2door in which I do not have yet!!
yeah it is too flashy I guess and since you guys brought up the BW wing I'm starting to like it!! would a buddy club rear look good with a BW wing?? The buddy club rear is one of the few flashy rears that I like. All of the other rears have dual exhaust holes and I don't like duals on a honda.
no, the wings on the civics on the fast and the furious were like these in the attachment but without the top piece going acroos. only the bottom peice that the sides are mounted to is there. go here ---> . it is the valeside style wing!
I think they are just tail light covers.
1 - 5 of 19 Posts
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