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which would u do?

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which would you do? or which is better?? I am not sure which way I want to go ... I can go LS/VTEC with new Rods/pistons Civic r pistons/girdle/bearings/ oild pan/ feul pump etc .. basically rebult bottom end and the head for about 3900 or go with a LS turbo.... for like 3500-4000.... is an LS turbo quick? or whould it be about the same... I like the turbo... but they guy was telling me he wasn't really impressed with it and you had to do a ton of maintenance....
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Does the turbo he is offering include any block work?
nah no block work... just straight turbo kit w/ intercooler
What year is the engine and what is the condition of the block? How is the compression?
go ls/vtec... you can abuse it a little more... youll have to continuously worry and watch what youre doing with the turbo... less worries with the built engine
it's a 99 w/ about 44K on it... still stock compression... It has I/h/e so I know I would have to get rid of the i/h if I went turbo... can I keep an Ls cai w a diff head?
yeah u can use the intake as long as u go with either a b16 head, or a gsr head with a type R, or skunk2 intake manifold
Well your engine is probably still in pretty good shape. You could probably run up to 9 psi without worry. But that is walking the line. Personally, if I was going to get a turbo I would like to build up my block as well.

So I would say try out the LS/VTEC. With proper precautions you can have a real street terror.
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