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while we are on fuel pressure

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ok,, there is another thread about fuel pressure,, so I got to thinking.. What is the fuel pressure for a 97 LX??? I have an intake and what not,, and I was going to get a pressure regulator.. for shits and giggles.. sooo,, if I do get one,, what should I set it at??
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probably stock around 36 or so...if you add a FPR, dont tinker around with it until you start adding more mods that will affect your fuel and air curvatures...
Don't bother

Don't get a fpr... that would just be a waste of money. Your stock ecu compensates for the extra air from the intake - a fuel pressure wont do anything for ya. Unless you just wanna get it to look pretty in your engine bay...
pretty much

thats pretty much the reason that I am getting ot,, to make my engine a little nicer looking... just somthing else to mess with.. I'd get the pressure guage too..
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