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Recently bought a used Accord Sport 2.0. 21k miles. Never noticed this sound until after I drove with windows down and no music playing. It happens only when I accelerate (even gradually). Just went for a drive. Went pretty light on accelerating and can still hear it. I tried recording but it isn't loud enough for camera to pick it up even with windows up. Anyway, I found this YouTube video and the whirring sound can be heard in this video: 2022 Honda Accord 2.0T Sport 0-60 Test (Binaural Audio)#honda#hondaaccord#turbo#shorts
I hear the same type of whirring sound. I never had a car with a turbo so I'm wondering if this is normal? Thanks.

Edit: Never mind. I think it's a normal sound considering the Accord in the YouTube short is 2022 with 2k miles only.
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