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white face gauge installation ??????????

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is there anybody that can give me step by step instructions on how to install my white face gauges ???????? do i have to take the needles off?????? do i take the stock gauges off ??? any feedback would be helpful...........
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have you tried to search?i think there might be something there...somebody had to have asked this question before
man i searched for 3 freakin hours last night on excite this site and some other honda tech sites didnt find shit !!!!!!!! its not the wiring im worried about its putting the actual gauges on i need to know if i take the stock ones off or leave on and slip the white ones over it, the if someone can tell me how to put the white ones on with out taking off the needles i will be ok...........but thanks for the imput man!
i assume you have a '99 prelude right? if you have a 4th gen i can help talk you through it.
they should go right over it,before u do it though,make sure u have some permanent double sided tape,cuz gettin those gauges over is a bitch,and if u struggle too hard with them,they can kinda bend,thats what happened to mine,I finally redid mine friday,and now it doesnt stick,and fill up your gas tank then do it just in case u move the needle,all the other needles u can move as much as u want
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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