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As per one of Derek's recent posts, I figured Id start a thread so we all know who were talking to. Ill go first

Name: Ken Aiani
Age: 18
Location: Currently Newport, RI for college (hometown is Doylestown, PA)
School: Salve Regina University
Work: Unemployed by choice.
Hobbies other than my car: Im a drummer, and I ride motocross
Car: 1997 Integra LS converted GSR. 200whp all motor B18c1 (for now)
Future mods- JDM front, CF hatch.

And a few pics:

My girlfriend and myself

And my car is in the sig.

Who are you?

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Sweet, my idea caught on! Thanks for starting this.

Name: Derek Jensen
Age: 22
Location: Seattle, WA (grew up in Edmonds, WA)
School: Graduated in Finance from U of Washington '06
Work: Financial Analyst at Safeco Insurance
Hobbies other than my car: Mountain/urban stunt biking, working out, music (mostly rock)
Car: 1998 Integra LS, see sig and website
Future mods: All done really. After 6+ years of modding you run out of things that make even the remotest financial sense. Just winning autocross races for now :)


Me with my woman:

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Name: Ben Gonzalez
Age: 21
Location: The big-O, FL
School: Valencia
Work: Chef
Hobbies: Cooking, working on my car, talking to my g/f, hanging
Car: '94 Integra....type-r engine...yadda yadda
Future mods: Dont really know.....saving money for marriage (more important things in life then my car, unfortuanitly)
Dont have any pictures of me yet...ill get to that

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Name: Jeremy Toll
Age: 19
Residence: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Now I'm in Windsor, Ontario, Canada because...
School: 2nd year University of Windsor, Mechanical Engineering (Automotive Option)
Work: Summer job: small engineering jobs for an airline.
Hobbies: RC Cars (Nitro Road car, Nitro Buggy), Playin Jazz Sax, Football, Hockey, Baseball, Tennis, Bowling...Competitively Golf and Curling
Car--> My sig. Plans build up the bottom and top, and turbo.

Me with my car for the very first time just after buying it, and puttin some of the stickers on for the parts I had waitin! (don't mind the previous owner lol)..With my Minnesota Vikings Jacket...GO VIKES!

And me bowling...

More Current:


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Name: Viet Le
Age: 23
Location: Wichita, KS
School: Wichita State University working on my PH.D in biochemistry
Work: Cell researcher
Hobbies: watching animation, b-ball, working on cars
Car: 96 GS-R sedan with basic i/h/e/c bolt-on with bars!
Future mods: Parts in closet await for a 200 whp all motor.

great thread!

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here we go.

name rich doyle
middletown ny
work.valvoline instan oil change
hobbies my wife, kids, and car.
current mods b16pr3 pistion,alc main and rod bearings,milled head,dlb. lyer head gasket, b20 cams, no a/c or power steering, intake, 2.25 in ehxuast with no cat, nipion pistion it think thats it.
future mods more aggrisive cams, cam gears, some coil overs, all energy suspions mounts and bushings.some gsr hammers, paint job, type r lip, and some stock head bad the pic sucks.


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Name: Dylan
Location: Canton, NY (Hometown Plattsburgh, NY)
Work: None at the moment I go to school, but was a pizza delivery guy.
School: SUNY Canton College of Tech. Associates in Automotive Service Technology
Hobbies: Well cars are my life, but besides that- I'm in paintball, I like collecting firearms and target shooting. I'm into welding, and construction too. I'm into online FPS COD, MOHAA, COD2..etc,etc. besides that I like to your 20 year old guy normally likes.

Car: 1995 Integra RS
Bought the car with a blown up LS/VTEC setup in it. I took the motor out, and put in a new B18B motor with pretty low miles (about 90,000.) I installed it with no Power Steering, No A/C..just alt. belt. I got an old school Ractive 4-2-1 header, test pipe, and a Thermal R&D 2.5" stainless catback. I have Holley Anhiliator plug wires, and my own little custom intake made out of 2.25" Intercooler piping and a K&N filter. I have my pass. inside headlight cut the track I have a pipe running threw'd be surprised I dropped about 3 tenths with that mod. My interior is carpet, no panels or anything from the front seats back.
As for exterior mods I don't have much, I have Egay coilovers..which are probably the riciest thing i've ever done to my car. I have a VIS Carbon Fiber hood, and a flat black spray job..thats about it..I ran my car at Napierville dragway in quebec and ran a [email protected]

This is a pic of me and my friend working on his CRX.

I have the black hoodie on.

Here is an engine bay shot of my car-

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Name: John Navar
Age: 24 (damn i feel like an old timer now, hahhaha)
Location: Detroit MI
Work: U.S. Army Bomb Squad
Hobbies: like everyone else here cars, cars, cars, also paintball and sportbikes, and hangin with my kids, and im a fukin halo king hahaha
Car: 1992 Integra LS
Mods: turbo, tenzo r springs, 17" ADRs (just sold, will update pics with the blades i got and repolished, black housing 1 piece headlights, rear emblems shaved, short shifter
future mods: probable RHD conversion, bigger turbo, paint

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name: Jonathan Robinson
age: 26
location: Auburn, Alabama
school: Auburn University, Chemistry Major
work: Outback Steakhouse (hell)
hobbies: girls, working out, and rugby
car: 1995 GSR BG-33P
future mods: full paint job and aquire/install all the components for the SC project.

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Name: Ryan Moreno
Age: 21
Occupation(s): University English Tutor, ASI Senator for the College of Science
School: Cal Poly Pomona University
Study: Major in Biotechnology with a minor in Chemistry, undergrad Research in Neuroscience
Location: Southern California
Ride: Integra GSR
Hobbies: No time for hobbies! But I like road cycling, skateboarding and snowboarding.
Future occupation: The options are endless.

My most recent pic


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I have 2 other screen names on here. Im sure you've seen them both around. I am also Transparent and RedlinedDA.

Central CT
I dont currently own an integra right now. but Ive have had 90 GS, 96 GSR, 97 LS. rightnow in my basement I have 2 teg projects under way. I have a stripped B18A, B18A head completely built for boost, and a bare ITR head fresh from honda (I was thinking about lsvtec for a wile)

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Better late then never..haha here we go:

Name: Alex
Age: 28
Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
School: Purdue Univ.
Work: Teacher
Hobbies other than my car: Motorcycles, Stereo, etc
Car: 2000 Integra GSR:

Mods: Err, it's 4 pages of bullshit haha
Future mods- GT28 disco potato, Benson sleeved block, blah blah etcetc..

Me and the current girlie..yeah, she's asian..weird for me. The last asian I dated was 7 relationships ago haha.


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Hello All!

Name: Eric Sundell
Age: 19
Location: Marquette Mi : AKA the frozen north!

Hey, as I said before my name is Eric, and I am in love with my 'Teg!! It's a 1994 GSR with 176k on it, but it is mint! I'll get some pics up later. But besides cars I also enjoy competitve shooting matches, camping and hangin around in the outdoors, model railroading, video games and of course, the ladies! I currently attend collage at Northern Michigan University in Marquette and am currently a freshmen. I also belong to the NMU Car club, you should check out our website sometime,, there are some cool honda guys there that convinced me to get one, there rides are worth a look. I'll get pics of my car up later, but here are a few of myself,

I know it looks like something out of office space!

Here is my ride!

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flyingtoaster said:
Again, can we make this thread bios only?
I just met face to face with Alex (IntegraXTR) and he is going to scratch all the BS out of this thread so it is just bios, but it is a PAIN in the ass to delete each post one by one so please everyone keep quiet unless it's a bio.

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damn alex i see how it is you deleted mine but its okay i got you lol j/k

Name: Jeff Aldana a.k.a Cheff Jeff
Age: 19
Location: Providence R.I
School: CCRI
Work: Auto zone "get in the zone"
Hobbies other than my car: Staying as fresh as possible at all times.
Car: 1995 GS-R, JDM front pretty much stock until summer comes around
Future mods- 5-lug conversion, full suspension, And the K.

This is how i got hooked to integras but then it got stolen :(

This is me lookin Fresh of coarse.

Me and my best freind

This is me and the crew A.K.A The 401 Race Cartel

and thats pretty much it.

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I think alex deleted mine intentionally :cry

Im also Transparent and RedlinedDA on sho
from central ct
dont own a teg currently. but Ive owned 90GS, 96GSR, 97LS
right now my daily driver is 04 Civic Si
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