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Who inspired your sol???

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What other solers in the sol community have inspired you to mod your sol.. look wise or performance wise

the people that inspired my sol was Huff, Blair, & Mr CRX.
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no one, just thought it needed to be faster and have a better look
huff and blair were the inspiration for the exterior and interior, but it was the honda hybrid honda site that inspired the swap, cause they said it was a bad idea, HAHA shows what they know!
huff and blair inspired me alot, but the top fuel sol is where i get all my inspiration from. wish i had the money to make mine mid-engine and rwd :(
Wow, I speechless guys. :)

Back in July 1995 when Sport Compact Car only came out every 3 months, there was a black 93 sol with a freedom design kit, nice engine bay accessories, and the custom made Saleen wing. I liked the wing so much that I had my friend copy it. The guy in the article came up with some custom parts, since there wasn't many parts for the sol back then. That was my inspiration. It grow even more when I found teamdelsol and Todd's effort to bring all of us together to celebrate a great little fun ass car.
Gotta definitely say Huff was a big influence....his Sol was the first thing that popped up when I did a search on the net!!! from that day forward I've bee hooked....mad respect for Blair.....and Apoc is definitely an influence to go for broke........
noones my inspiration... just my desire to be faster than anyone else?
Blair's sol from the olden days ;) it brings a tear to my eye..
no one inspired me... i'll keep everything stock except the engine and the interior...

i'll get some 1997 delsol interior parts to remove the *@!&*([email protected] grey then i'll turbo the engine + Nitro...
Seeing Huff's sol with the Kamanari kit in Honda Tuning... MMMmmm..

Since then, Blair's sol, and Honda of America. :D
my girl

my girlfriend just because girls know what will look right and what will look like shit
Huff, Blair & Rflo on body work, Indy for motor and Roro on suspension. Hard to say what will happen with my car, I keep tossing it back and forth between Turbo B16 and Turbo CRVTEC. That and the fact that I'm so friggin picky about what body kit I want. Of course none of it will happen if shit keeps going wrong with the damn house. :mad:
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