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I'm going to go ahead and start suggesting some stuff here that you people probably won't want to hear. This is how, as my boss puts it, the big boys play.
First is this your job on the line? Or better yet, if your solution fails will you lose your job?
Second, is this a mission critical website?

If you can say yes to the above two questions then you need to get the idea of building a server from scratch out of your head. Just let it go, throw it out the window and go with me on this.
Nobody, and I mean nobody, ever EVER got fired for hiring IBM.
What I mean is the following. In 3 years, when this machine is still hosting these blogs and the motherboard shorts out on you where do you get a spare part? When a hard drive dies who do you turn to? When the raid controller dies and you've lost all of your data then who's to blame?
If you built the system then you are. If the hardware dies it's your butt and you're fired. However if you purchase the items that HP/IBM/(Insert other manufacturor here) tells you to buy and it fails you have a scapegoat.

Now that I have that out of my head here is what I have learned in my experience that you want when building a Webserver.
Firstly because most of what a webserver does, serve webpages, is transfering data you want to make sure, as the Rev said, that you have a good connection. If you don't your hardware won't mean a thing.
Adding to that point you should probably drop the RAID1 configuration from your plans because it won't be fast enough. I would settle for nothing less than a 4 drive RAID 0+1 or 1+0, it's basically going to net you the same thing. I would also make damn sure that the RAID controller I'm getting is a hardware RAID controller and not software RAID.
Your CPU's are probably a little more than you would really need. Honestly a dual system with only 1 processor and 1 spare socket for future growth is what you should probably get. I would suggest, however, getting as much ram as you can afford, and a 64bit O/S to take advantage of all of the ram. I like Windows based operating systems because they're flexable, reliable and secure if you know what you're doing.
For the power system of the server you're now considering just how mission critical this device is. If it must be as reliable as possible then you should seriously consider redundant power supplies with separate UPS's on separate breakers from your power grid.
For your operating system I would highly suggest running Server 2k3 x64 either Web or Standard depending on the additional jobs of this server. Stay away from XP and Vista they aren't designed for server duties they're for workstations. I won't touch on linux because I honestly haven't used it. However I will say that whatever you decide on you should make damn sure you're as comfortable with it as humanly possible.
There are other things I would like to say here but for now I'm all out of time.
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