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Rev ATARI said:
The system specs look to be above par with what you need, especially if using Linux. Using win server 2K will be user friendly but will hog a lot more resources and some bloging software will not run on a win server….

Bandwidth, you say the blogs will be updated once a day, yet you don’t count into people viewing them. Start small and think like this, 1 blog with maybe 20 people viewing it a day time 2000 is 20.000 hits the server will take a day. Now think about it on a moderate level with a 100 views a day per blog….. get the 100 mbit
agreed, and you really dont want to use xp for a webserver, its not built for that kind of thing

2k3 isnt bad, but like Rev said, linux is going to be the fastest cause it uses less resourses, linux is just a bitch if your somewhat new to it
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