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who knows???

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does somebody do a very different way mods?? civic, accord, and prelude are FWD cars, but who knows prelude is possible to be an AWD car??? i knew civic can be AWD car... because my friend have made his civic to AWD ... so does anybody know in USA have this skill ??:confused:
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What the hell are you talking about. Your sentences don't make sense..... Repost or edit.
they are asking if it is possible to make a prelude awd as opposed to fwd. and if it is possible what shop can do the work.
I mean does anyone know how to make Prelude (FWD) convert to AWD? and if you know where can i do it? Or what kind of tools and parts i need ?

thanks for "PreludeSiZero" explain it

The reason i ask becasue i know it can be done on Honda Civic. :eek:
I don't know where you can get it done, but I hope you have A LOT of money.. . I think I heard the tranny has to be turned upside down or some crap? I donno for sure. :confused:
it's easier to buy an Eclipse GSX and customize the body to look like the prelude....
you'd have to do a lot of custom work done which means a lot of $$$. the frame and chassis i'm sure aren't built for an AWD or even RWD setup. i reallly don't htink it'd be worth it to convert a FWD to a RWD or AWD. anything can be done. but too much work, too much money in my book. just get a real RWD or AWD car. that's gettin really deep into the mechanics of the car. most people just do custom body work done, hybrids and that stuff.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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