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I know alot of people don't like the civic hatchback when compared to the coupe but i can't stop loving the hatchback, I think they look sweet, what do you guys and gals think?
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i like the hatch..its light weight for racing and its so compact you can go anywhere with it.....execpt off road:p
sure it can

ya man they can go off road jack em up and put some nobby tires on em.
that would be the shit, a lil rally mobile.
i love hatchbacks, i would be getting one instead of my wrx if i could actually get some money out of it after putting stuff in it to make it fast. plus when you do engine swaps at least in NY dealers wont take the car on trade in, but i do love hatches dont get me wrong just a little slow stock.:cool:
If I've started all over, I would buy the 6th gen hatchback and swap it..:D
If I've started all over, I would buy the 6th gen hatchback and swap it..

thats what i wana do what engine would you choose?
I'll trade my car stock-for-stock with someone for a 2000 white DX hatch. anyone, please?
this is sweet

hey civ2000 check this...
GSR Engine Installed into 96 Civic DX Hatchback


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Re: this is sweet

hey civ2000 check this...
GSR Engine Installed into 96 Civic DX Hatchback

much better
Thats a pretty sweet ride. Except for the hot air intake :thumbdown::mad: :mad: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :sleep: :sleep:
i like coupes a little more than hatches especially the late 6th gen coupes (99-00). just something about them.
This is a pic. of my HB with some OLLLLD Mugen RG's.

The 92-95 civic hatchback is my favorite car out of any car out there. I like it cuz it's simple, looks great, stock or modified(preferably modified), and their are so many options for it and so many ways to make it fast.
I like any generation hatch over any gen coupe.. I hate Honda coupes.. I'd never own one ever.
<-----i hate hatches ;)

~little mikey
It depends on what year, but I like them all. Just LOVE the 92-95 hatchbacks, they are too sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!
I've Had Both

00 Milano Red Coupe :
1.5 Drop with eibach pro kits
17 inch rims
oem rear spoiler
front si lip
yellow emblems / yellow sohc vtec stickers
custom racing exhaust (2.25 pipping)
600 watt kenwood amp
2 10" kenwood subwoofers ; bandpass box

99 Purple Hatchback :
Veilside ECi Kit (invader)
Carbon fiber hood
eibach springs
17 inch rims
panasonic headunit
2 12" JL audio w-3 Speakers
600 watt kenwood amp
custom exhaust
mid deck rear spoiler

nothing is put on the hatch yet because it still is sorta winter, i'm waiting for spring to put the kit and everything else on.

i loved my coupe but it was also auto, my hatch is stick and i'm planning to swap after i put some other small things into the hatch like tinted windows, black housing headlights. i think i am either going with a b18c5 n/a or b18b1 boosted. :D i love my hatch although as of now i beat the hell outta it .. but its all fun and whoever said you can't take a hatch offroad is wrong ;) :D
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I like my hatch better then the coupes just would rather of had the 92-95 body style. I'd also rather have another color besides the purple, but i'll take what i can get better than my last car... 1990 dodge daytona.
hatches rule all, unless if u have it's stock motor then ur just slow ;) trust me i know....
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