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Who needs a Body Kit?

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Hello, I'm looking to do a huge buy in on a company called NEO Mfg, manufactures of some of the best body kits on the market, and I need your help. So if you want any type of Body Kit for most any car I will sell it to you for way less then any place you are going to find. So tell your friends and neighbors because I am looking to make a $10-20,000 buy in and I need all the help I can get. So please, if you want a body kit, come see me.
Email me a [email protected]
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whens the buy in ?

when are you going to try to do the actual puchace from neo, I might be interested if your gonna get them pretty soon.:) let me know whats up
christ are you people blind? THERE IS A THREAD FOR THIS SHIT!
haha........ I'm gonna freakin *SNAP*
u guys are gonna kill bob... hey bob put me in the will man i want the b16 and teh kit :rolleyes: we need a mod man
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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