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who wants my sideskirts???

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ok guys these are a PERFECT pair of Blitz sideskirts for a 92-95 civic hatchback or coupe....they have been on my car for about a month, but i REALLY need $$ becuase of motor problems now, and i'm out of a job, so whoever is interested, please drop me an email.....i'm looking to get $100 for the set, and they are made of cracks, damn near brand new---this isnt my car, but these are the sideskirts...thanks alot...late
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oh yeah....i really dont want to ship these, so Houston people only....sorry..thanks:D
hey spoon fed hatch i don't want to inquire about the skirts but i was wondering, what rims are those on your car?
well that's not my car bro, but i'm thinking those are white 17" motegi mr7's.....or Konig Tantrums.....hmm...:confused:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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