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who would win?

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ok i know this *** who thinks his 93 bonniville se can beat my 94 gsr with intake and exhaust. I dont think he will. Does everyone agree with me when i say this. later
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drive your car right and he won't touch you.
unless its an SSEi, then watch out, those things are pretty quick
Why not just race and find out? The worst you can do is lose.
tru but i have too much pride to lose..havent yet anywayz... I NEED TO LOSE
they do have a SC model so watch out, i think they only run like high 14's, SMOKE EM
A friend of friend that I know drives a 93 Bonneville SSEI, the supecharged one, and we tested it on that g-tech thing and it seems fairly accurate. His times ranged from about 15.5-15.7 in the 1/4 mile. You should have no problem beating him even if he does have the SSEI, if you are a good driver that is.
yea if its the ssei it will kill you .
but it is one heavy bitch though.
Launch wrong and your f*cked. You gotta be perfect to win.
You'll spank him... Ayo, LudeAction, I got your loss right here!
hey Danmak, i have a couple of Q's for ya about your Corrado G60. what all have you done to it? where did you get the parts? any online places you can direct me to? in case you are wondering one of my friends has a 91 Corrado G60 and we cant really find any aftermarket parts for it other than the intercooler piping. thanks for help! LudeAction, too bad you didnt catch me a couple of weeks ago i couldve handed your ass to you!;) you too Jay! :p
Damn homie... Looks like someone (or something) already handed you yours...:p
Hey Diamondstarwhat,

Try,, or

I have a Autotech stage 3(68mm pulley,3.5bar FPR,Chip, and 260 cam) plus I have stage 2 head and exhaust. Alot faster than stock.
race you guys,,na... i said i wanted to LOOOOOSE...btw i will have much boost soon...ill let u know:D
why is he a ***? cause he thinks his car can beat your? he must have more confidence in his car than you have in yours. if you gotta ask this here then you obviously don't think your gonna win. if you really thought you would win you woulda raced him on the spot.

now go race and have fun.
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