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Whos interested in a Koni Group Buy

  • Damn thats a good price im in

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  • Budgets tight next go round

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  • Pepboys is where im gettin shocks :D

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Whos interested in a Koni Group Buy?

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I am looking to do a groupbuy for Koni Yellows for $500 shipped. If u are interested or have any questions let me know email is [email protected] an my AIM SN is BlueLude1

P.S. has got em going for $500 + shipping

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I would be in but the only problem is that I'm waiting till spring/summer to buy suspension. Budget's not tight, I'm just saving some money up for a trip to Vegas in June and making huge ass car payments too. Maybe next time around.
i'm intrested although i wont have the money for a few weeks.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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