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Whos interested in a Koni Group Buy

  • Damn thats a good price im in

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  • Budgets tight next go round

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  • Pepboys is where im gettin shocks :D

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Whos interested in a Koni Group Buy?

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I am looking to do a groupbuy for Koni Yellows for $500 shipped. If u are interested or have any questions let me know email is [email protected] an my AIM SN is BlueLude1

P.S. has got em going for $500 + shipping

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there was a succesful groupbuy held by ME a long time ago...about 8 months ago on neuspeed Koni yellows. it was ran through racing

first gather people and call them up....Thats how we did it. I think you will need about 10 people or more to pull it off...hope this helps.
I'll go in on it, but is there a way to get the price lowered more?

~Peace ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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