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why is shaving a stock flywheel bad idea?

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I saw on sohfast they sell stock lightend flywheels for 150.. I heard its not good to shave your stock ones though.. anyone own a stock one thats been shaved? any problems with it?
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its not good to shave the flywheel cause if you have aftermarket clutch when you engage it you could shatter the flywheel and shards of alluminum could come flying at you... not a pretty sight happened to a friend of mine while racing at firehouse lets just say 8 hours of surgery isnt worth saving 8 lbs of your flywheel.
Dont trim the stock flywheel.. just buy an aftermarket one ... trust me ...
I've heard that shaving a couple pounds of is okay, but def if you want a real light flywheel like 8lbs DON"T use a lightened factory one!!!
Dont be cheap and spend some money.. i cant put it any better.. the amount of time you take to take apart your tranny to get to the fly wheel and time you spent to lighten it is not worth it... just buy one.... good luck...
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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