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Why is this???

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Is everyone here a newbie since we had to reregister?? i had to register again b/c my old name didn't work so I registered again and now I'm a newbie. No big deal just thought I'd share.
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<~not a newbie :eek:
My old name and password didn't work and I had to re-register under the same name.
just some of us get out of being a newbie quicker than others
[9000, rumorHG ;) ]

The first time I registered here I left with over 1000 posts, the second time I left with about 300 posts, "I found another board to spend time on," and Now I have a measly 14 and counting and am a newbie again by SHO standards.

Ahh well, such is life. We all have to start over from time to time I guess.

Del_Sol_SiR said:
why are post numbers such a big deal??
Post #'s makes no dif to me
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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