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same thing happened to me, but i gots a MT. it happened a couple nights ago, it was late, and i just dropped my girl off at her place. while i was leaving, i was noticing that my headlights and gauge cluster were getting dimmer. then my abs lite flashes on, then the rpms were like dropping as if it was gonna stall, but i was in neutral. so i revved it up, but when i let go the same problem. so i let it do its thing, i let it die on me. then i turned it off completely, then restarted it but then it was fine. hasn't happened again. i was thinkin that my idle is too low, its currently at 400. and its been like that ever since i bought the car in feb. ima get a tune up soon. so maybe they can just raise my idle up or something. we'll see.
once urs is fixed how bout u tell us what they say is wrong, aiight¿
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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