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Hey guys I figured i'd post this up for you. If you are running a wideband O2 sensor in place of the factory one then many of you probably have thrown CEL due to the fact that the factor O2 heater circuit is left open. On my hatch I have a Innovate LM-1. While it can be programmed to feed the ECU a narrow band signal to prevent the ecu from throwing a cel, it doesn't address the fact that the factor o2 sensor is now gone leaving the o2 heater circuit open (throwing anothe CEL for faulty o2 heater). I found a simple little fix for it by installing a resistor between the O2 heater circuit. That CEL was starting to get on my nerves.

Things you'll need:
10ohm 10watt resistor (available at any radioshack for like $1.00
Spare O2 sensor (preferrably bad)
Soldering iron
shrink wrap
metal bracket or case ( I used a mini Altoids can that I sanded and polished)

1. Locate the primary O2 plug on your wire harness. I strongly reccomend that you go and find and extra oxygen sensor plug with the wires (I had an old bad oxygen sensor that came in real handy) so that you don't have to cut the one off your OEM O2 in case you ever decide to use it again and so that you don't have to cut into your wire harness.

2. on your bad or extra oxygen sensor cut of the sensor leaving at least 2" of wire from the plug.

3. If you look at the plug you just cut from your bad O2 sensor you should see two black or two white wires (depending on your sensor). These are you heater wires that you will be using to "trick" your ecu. Now it's up to you if you want to extend these wires to place your resistor in a remote location or just leave it dangling from your harness. Just remember that the resistor will get HOT when installed and can melt other parts of the harness. I extended the heater wires about 1.5ft so I could mount it where it wouldn't melt anything.

4. Now, take you heater wires and solder them to them to the resistor, and be sure to shrink wrap any exposed part of the wire or resistor leads. It doesn't matter which wire goes to what side of the resistor just as long as the resistor is "inline" with the heater circuit.

5.Plug in your home made O2 resistor into your harness where your factory O2 sensor used to be and mount the resistor. I put mine in a mini Altoids can that I polished with my dremel and cut so that the wires from the resistor could run through ( I did this so that the resistor would not burn or melt anything.

6. Finally reset your ECU and check for CEL's. :byye

Here is a little diagram to help:
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