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wierd ass rev limiter sound

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well i found out recently that i was using 92-95 injectors on my 88-91 crx si computer which doesnt work properly. So i installed Integra LS injectors which requires the use of a resistor box..i noticed a gain of horsepower between 4krpm and 5k rpms but my car bogs or something approximately at 7k rpm when i floor it and when i semi floor it the rev goes all the way to 7500rpm where the rev limiter is supposed to kick in.....whats the problem and my ecu is still flashing code 1:sleep:
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Weird, but here is what I can tell ya. All CRX's 88-91 except DX's already have a resistor box. And for your Code 1, thats a Oxygen Content code, which could mean an O2 sensor. That also might explain some bogging.
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