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Will a '91 Door fit an '88?

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I have 91 doors off my other crx, would they fit an '88?

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Yes, they'd just have the seatbelts in them, and be heavier than the 88's.
CRX-RX How much more do the other(89+) doors weigh compared to the 88?
I don't know for sure, but with the addition of the seatbelts, also come reinforcements in the door, so more metal = heavier. My guess per door would be like 10-12 lbs. easy.
ok so it shouldn't be a major difference.
i have a 90 si, and i dont like the whole seatbelts in the door thing. Is there anyway that i could swap in the 88-89 seatbelt assembly?
to tell you the truth I am not 100 percent sure 91 door would fit on a 88. The body on a 88 is slightly different. I might just be after the door but I'm not sure. If it doesn't fit it would only be by a little bit. Has anyone done it for sure? Oh I also know the inside door pannles are differnt the 88 has that cool map pocket in it. Good luck
Yes, I have done it, and the only difference on the outside is the moulding in the middle of the door.
Which way? 88 doors on the 91, or 91 doors on the 88? The molding is different on the 90-91 doors - a bit thinner in width (3/16"). As for the weight savings, the 88 doors (both of them) are about 55lbs lighter than the 89 and up doors. When I got some doors for my rex from the junk yard (91), I had to swap out a lot of parts, so I weighed the seat belt assembly - almost 22 lbs per assembly.
That's crazy, I would have never guessed that much, but everytime I picked one up they were both stripped. 22 lbs. that doesn't seem right, but maybe, sucks that has to stay in the car one way or another if you keep factory seat bels.
Ok, another question...

Would 90-91 fenders fit on an 88-89 CRX?? I know the screws for the signal markers are different, but other than that, will they work??

Ya, for sure, just get the two little plastic peices that the screws go into, or the plastic clips that hold in the 90-91's whichever you need.
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