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will a 97 cf hood fit on a 99

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I have a 99 civic hatch and a friend of mine is selling his cf hood for a 100 bucks but its for a 97. so will it fit. He lives about 3 hours away so poping it of and putting it on to find out won't be that easy.
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no, your 99 is different from 96-98 front ends.
i didn't know the body styles were that different between 96098 and 99-00, but i guess they are

your best bet would be to buy it anyway, if it doesn't fit, resell it for a few hundred or so so you can have a little pocket change:D
i dunno...even though the front ends are diff...the only major think that makes a diff would be the head lights...if the shape of the top of the headlight where it touches the hood differ then it wont fit.
check these two pics and just look at where it contacts the hood.

<--97 headlight

<--99 headlight

to me they look similar...but don't take my word for it.

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dragon said:
no, your 99 is different from 96-98 front ends.
what he said
No, they're completely different, and it will not bolt on to your car. :)
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